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Southern Illinois Solar Benefits

Where does Illinois rank nationally?

Illinois falls somewhere just above the middle. Illinois is the 22nd state in America in total savings from solar panels, and Southern Illinois will see most of those benefits.

What is the average cost of a 5kw solar power system?

The national average cost of a 5kw solar energy system is about $3.68/watt as of 2019. (before incentives).  Because SIEG is locally owned and operated, our pricing is substantially less than the national average.

How soon could I see a return on my investment?

As of 2019, the average payback time from a residential solar energy system is 6 to 9 years.  On a commercial level, a 100% return on investment is usually within the span of 4 years or less.

What is the average yearly savings from the solar panels?

The estimated average savings of switching to solar energy in Illinois is about $1,200/yr.  This is dependent, of course, on the size of the system installed and is based on an average sized system for a residence in the state of Illinois.

Whats the average power production of solar energy?

The estimated annual power production of a solar energy system in Illinois is 11,500kWh.  SIEG’s annual power production is closer to 14,500kWh per year on average for a 10kW system.

What are the average 20-year savings?

The average range of 20-year savings is $25,000 to $42,000 depending on the installer.

What's an RPS?

RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standard) law is mandates from state legislature that indicate a certain amount of all energy generated comes from renewable sources by a certain time.


Utility companies like Ameren must meet these standards by either generating it themselves or buying it from customers. The consequence for not meeting the standards are high fees. Which is good news for Illinois residents, because offering solar incentives to customers is typically cheaper than paying those fees.

What is Net Metering?

This is simply the full-price credits you receive from the energy your solar panels generate.

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